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My Story

What drove me to becoming a Nutritional Therapist?   

I got driven to the complimentary, holistic approach - nutritional practice, when my partner's health took a negative turn. It necessitated urgent change. A change predominantly I knew had to be around food, that came in the form of all kinds of colourful raw organic vegetables and so carefully reducing them down to a glass of juice daily, I strongly believed, was a much quicker fix in providing the necessary nutrients our bodies' cry out for.


"Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food"


The urgency to help my partner continued. I remained focused, motivated and inspired to      discover as much as I could about how diet, stress, sleep and lifestyle affected our body's inner terrain. What symptoms meant and that suppressing symptoms does not target the root cause of diseases instead manifests from being in a 'dis-ease' - uneasy state to having a number of diseases in no time.


I continued to research. I learnt the importance of filling gaps with good quality supplements in their correct forms and dosages after diet correction. I learnt alkalinity/acidity balance and how/why might the body thrive given the right pH. I learnt the importance of nutrients and different combination of foods. The most stressful thing to the body I Iearnt is to be dehydrated and that dehydration causes stagnation! but by far the most fascinating for me is that all diseases begin in the gut as Hippocrates quoted. Mind blowing!


As we know, there's absolutely no magic pill to regaining health but I can assure you from experience that it requires patience, dedication and most of all consistency which meant that together we had to unlearn to learn a journey back to health.


In the midst of making a routine from new changes, we also had the opportunity in meeting an inspiring and uplifting soul who touched our lives and made us believe in ourselves, showed us the utmost importance of feeding the soul and mind with positivity too. It was a phase in our lives that ultimately opened many other doors - a journey that taught us alot. 


My curiosity grew as I carried on exploring. Before I knew it, I was in love and completely invested with what nutrition had to offer. I remained in awe and longed to reach out to others who were struggling and needed the support in understanding how important it is to get to the root cause of symptoms, hence why I couldn't wait but start studying as a Nutritional Therapist.


So, after a decade of success as a SEN Teaching Assistant, I gave up my career and began my journey to the road of nutrition. I absolutely love what I'm doing and the difference it can make to one.


I am here to help. My job is to give you these tools so together we can support your body in doing what it knows to do best!


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