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What is Naturopathy Nutritional Therapy 

Naturopathy Nutritional Therapy uses an application of evidence based, nutritional and lifestyle science to promote optimal health and wellbeing, focusing on the causes of the symptom (root cause) rather than the diagnoses or symptoms of a disease. It is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on the whole person in assessing and providing the support that the body may require in order to deal with disease to help restore the body's vital energy.

Naturopathy makes you understand that you are biochemically unique and what makes you, is unique to you and that your state of health is an amalgamation of your environmental inputs (e.g toxins, stress, diet and lifestyles) that you have experienced over your lifetime. It helps recognise how disease moves from one area to the other if left unattended.


It is now scientifically recognised that environmental inputs play the greatest role in shaping our health and well being and that the manifestation of disease tend to precede by a consisitent decline in health.


This practice is also based on the belief that the body has an instinctive ability to heal itself with non-conventional therapies and so given the right conditions the body is able to heal itself.


How we support our client's health concerns is based on the principles of Naturopathic medicine teachings...

  • First do no harm -  by utilising the most natural, least invasive and non-toxic therapies

  • Identifies root causes of illness - by looking beyond the symptom rather than suppressing symptoms 

  • Educates clients  - about the healing power of nature (self-healing), self-care and prevention

  • Looks at an individual as a WHOLE and not at a specific ailment - by taking into account each individual's unique set of factors contributing to the disease that has erupted

  • Prevention beats cure 

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What to expect from me - your naturopathy nutritional therapist 

As your therapist  I'm trained to recognise your unique make-up as an individual and your pre-dispositions to disease. I will support you as a complete whole person and not concentrate on one symptom alone by taking other factors into consideration like past life events/traumas, toxins, diet, environments, stress, dental procedures, surgeries/operations, medications that may have also contributed to your health issues. I aim to understand the underlying cause of your health issue which I will seek to address through consultations and by taking an in-depth case history to understand the extent and movement of the disease and how you have landed there.

I intend to look at your family history by going back at least two generations, this will help me to understand the areas that need nurturing to avoid repeats of diseases coming through each generation. I will assist and educate you in supporting and preventing health issues by using specific preventative tools like hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), pathology blood tests - where I will look to improve your levels from being acceptable (normal) to being optimal, giving you an insight of what is happening at a deeper level.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to work along side your GP especially if there is a pre-existing medical condition or to request for specific tests which I think may provide additional or useful insight to your existing health concerns.

I work with a number of accredited neuroceutical (supplement) suppliers and private laborotories that provide a wide range of functional testing to meet the needs of my clients.

It is crucial to understand that this holistic approach is not a quick fix and that it is of course more than just taking supplements, it is about understanding where the disease has stemmed up from and how deeply embedded it is. It is about unfolding where/what the root cause of the existing health issue is. The more serious the problem the longer the disease state has been happening and the longer it can take to return back to health. Together we will work at improving the areas of health concerns and build a more stable and balanced environment. As Hering's Law of cure states that healing progresses from within - out, from the deepest level (mental and emotional) to external (skin and extremities). Healing also progresses in reverse order of the original appearance and healing progresses from above down and from upper parts to lower parts. 

My ultimate goal is to help you take back control of your own health.

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